The Powerful Ram 3500 Truck Sets New Records

When Garlitch Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram shows you the specification sheet of the Ram 3500, you will be stunned by some of the ratings. This heavy-duty pickup truck claims the top spot in torque output in its class thanks to a diesel engine block that is decorated with the Cummins badge. Cranking out 1,000 pound-feet, the turbocharged engine is engineered to work hard on any terrain. An automatic transmission system with the Aisin function allows the diesel powertrain to operate at low and medium RPMs as indicated on the tachometer.

Strong enough to tow 35,100 pounds, the Ram 3500 sets new benchmarks in its class. An air suspension system also boosts the towing performance of this durable vehicle. By lowering itself, the suspension system gives you better access to the hardware that links a trailer and a hitch. When you disengage the trailer connection, the self-leveling suspension returns to a normal ground clearance.



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